WHO Were ‘They’ Anyway?

Who were ‘they’ anyway?
Mark 10:13 “And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them:…”
We do not know who ‘they’ were. No mention of their names in the text. It is a good chance these people could have been caretakers such as parents or grandparents. ‘They’ could have also been people who had no children but worked with others children and wanted to be a voice for them. ‘They’ could have been a group that cared for the welfare of abandoned or abused children. ‘They’ could have been individuals who were watching out for the fatherless. We do not know exactly who ‘they’ were but DO KNOW that ‘they’ were concerned adults who wanted children to receive a blessing from Jesus. ‘They’ wanted to secure the future of the children they were responsible for, with one touch from Jesus. We can learn some things from the unnamed, unidentified heroes, who went out of their way to do the unexpected. ‘They’ did it not knowing if their plan would work. We can also learn that ‘they’ were persistent and specific in their plan. Their plan was to go get the needy and usher them into hands of their provider, Jesus. Many had come to Jesus to hear His teachings or for miracles but these people desired for Jesus just to pray a blessing on the children. What ‘they’ did was risky. In that culture, children were unimportant. Children were unworthy of much adult attention outside their families. ‘They’ knew somebody had to do something. ‘They’ knew it was not popular to do, but it was the right thing to do.
This is the essence of children’s ministry: to do everything you can to get children to Jesus, so He can save them and secure their future. As children’s ministers, we must have a rock-solid resolve: that we must get as many children to a place of blessing. There will be feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, and unpopularity but stay focused on getting children to their destiny.

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